Beta test our new iOS app

We've been working hard over the last number of months to update the Parking Tag app and are delighted to be able to bring the first version of our redesigned iOS app to the market and are looking for beta testers.

Become a tester

To become a member of our small testing group you must have an iOS (Apple) device on iOS 9.0 or later. 

Simply follow the steps below:

1. Delete the current live version of Parking Tag from your device
* Please note you will loose your in-app transaction history but can view or download a statement at any time by logging into your account here on
2. Download TestFlight from the App store or by clicking here
3. Once installed, click on the link below to download the live beta version of the app

4. Park as you normally would. These are live parking transactions. 

If you are a registered Parking Tag customer, once you enter your mobile number to verify your account you will be able to park as normal.

If you are registering to use Parking Tag as a new customer, follow the steps within the app to create your auto top-up account. 

Please note we have set our tester limit to 100 downloads. 


If you have any feedback (good or bad!) we'd love to here from you - mail us at 

Technical issues 

If you have any issues with the app we'd really appreciate if you told us - mail us at 

You can delete the beta version at any time and re-download the current version from the app store. You can also park via SMS by texting Park Zone Time Reg to 53311 
Example: PARK YELLOW 60 192D1234

Android users - our beta will be live in a few weeks. If you'd like to be a part of the group you can mail us at

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