How Parking Tag Works


  • How do I register for a Parking Tag account?

  • Do I need to be registered to use Parking Tag?

  • How can I tell what parking zone I’m in?

  • How do I pay for parking where a ‘day’ rate is available?

  • How do I chose an alternative vehicle on the mobile application?

  • Do I need to be near my vehicle to park?

  • Do I need to use the parking meter?

  • How do I know my payment has gone through?

  • I am not sure if I performed a valid parking transaction, how do I find out?

  • How do I know if Parking Tag is available where I have parked?

  • How do I top up my account?

  • How do I pay by SMS?

  • What if I don't receive an SMS confirmation after I parked?

  • Why didn’t I receive my SMS confirmation/reminder?

My Account


General Queries


  • Are my registration details safe?

  • Where can I park?

  • What if I am using the mobile app and I do not want my GPS on?

  • How long can I park for?

  • I was fined/clamped even though I paid for parking by phone, what happened?

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