These terms and conditions apply only to customers who have signed up to the Off-Street Parking service which we offer in partnership with Q-Park. Customers are opted into this service with their vehicle registration.


1. Each time a registration is used in a Q-Park Car-Park, whether by the Payzone Customer or by anyone else, authorised or not, the fee is to be paid by the Payzone Customer. Should the vehicle registration fail to properly discharge the Car-Park fees at the Car-Park for any reason, the Car-Park operator may request the Payzone Customer to discharge the Car-Park fees by cash or credit card (or other means of payment).

2. Transaction fees are to be collected from the Payzone Customer’s wallet balance. In cases where this is not attainable the debit or credit card stored on the users account will then be debited. If this fails to collect, the user will be notified of their Outstanding Fees, which are payable through the customer’s account on

3. If a Payzone customer fails to pay a transaction fee, this shall be considered a black-list event

4. On the occurrence of a black-list event, Payzone has the ability to manually deactivate and black-list the vehicle registration number. The Payzone customer is not entitled to use the off-street parking solution in Q-Park until the black-list event is remedied.

5. By opting in to use Off-Street Parking Services within Q-Park Car-Parks as a Payzone Customer, customers are agreeing to Q-Park’s General Terms and Conditions.

6. A surcharge fee of 35c per transaction will be applied to the total Parking Value which is debited from the Payzone Customer account wallet.


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