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The easier way to park and pay. 

A choice of options designed around you

Imagine how much easier life would be if you had access to coin-free parking. No more asking strangers if they had change for a fiver. No more rooting around the glove compartment for loose coins. Check the options below for the one that’s right for you.

One-Off Parking

You don’t need to register for an account. Simply charge your parking fee to your credit or debit card, anytime you want. Park Online or by SMS. 

How It Works
Charge Your Mobile

If you’re a Vodafone or 3 customer, you have the option of charging parking fees to your mobile phone bill or credit. Now, that’s what we call convenient.

How It Works
Download our App

If you wish to use Parking Tag on a regular basis, we encourage to download our mobile app. It’s packed with features that make paying for parking even easier!

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The easier way to park and pay

Coin-Free Parking

Forget rummaging around for change for the parking meter. Parking Tag is the easier way to park and pay.

Plenty of Spaces

The convenient Parking Tag system gives you access to spaces throughout Dublin, Wicklow, Laois and Sligo.

SMS Reminders

With Parking Tag you have the option of receiving a SMS reminder 10 minutes before your Parking Tag ticket expires.

Park Again

Parking Tag ticket about to expire? Our unique Park Again feature lets you create another ticket without going back to your car.

Need a Receipt?

If you’re registered with Parking Tag, you can retrieve and print your parking receipts by logging on to My Account.

Auto Account Top-Up

Once you register with Parking Tag, you never have to worry about not having enough credit to pay for parking. Our Auto Top-Up feature sees to that.

Download the App?

Register Now

Registering with Parking Tag is quick and easy. You can either do it online, via the app or by phone. The choice is yours.

Total Control, In The Palm of Your Hand

Our app lets you update your payment details, amend vehicle information and review your parking history.


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Map or List, It’s Up to You

Check out our handy map for your closest Parking Tag location. Or select one from the list view. Remember, to always be aware of local parking restrictions and confirm the zone where you intend to park.

More Than One Vehicle?

When you register more than one vehicle, you can swap between them at will.

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