Charge to your mobile

Vodafone and 3 mobile customers have the option of charging parking payments to to their mobile phone bill or phone credit. 

Step 1
Check Signage
Please refer to local signage to confirm the zone where you intend to park, and any local parking restrictions. Zones are defined by colour or by letters.


Step 2
Send SMS to 53311
  • Park

  • your


  • your


  • your

    Car Reg

  • M

Park Yellow 60 161D123  M
Step 3
Wait for Confirmation
It is important that you receive confirmation of your parking payment via SMS
Step 4
SMS Reminder
This handy reminder tells you when your parking is about to expire.

If you require a parking receipt, please call 0818300161.


 Processing fee, as of the 1st of October 2022, is €0.35 incl. VAT per transaction.

SMS reminder: €0.20 per reminder. Motorists using the Charge to Mobile service will automatically receive a reminder SMS.

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