About Parking Tag

Nearly 5 years since its launch, Parking Tag has become the simple, secure, convenient alternative to pay for parking. With over 45,000 registered motorists, Parking Tag's park by phone solution has become the ideal way to pay for parking. There is no need for users to interact with parking meters, no searching for change or rushing back to get another ticket in the rain! The service is ready to use immediately after registration and can be extended without having to return to your vehicle.

Registering with Parking Tag will enable you to pay for parking with your credit or debit card. Once registered you can then park by SMS, phone call or through our NEW mobile application.

Each time you make a parking request you will receive a confirmation* which will include your parking expiry time. Parking Tag immediately makes this information available to the parking attendants who enforce the area in which you have parked. When checking registered vehicles, they will scan your tagged vehicle registration on their handheld device to view your parking transaction.

*Please ensure you receive a confirmation for each transaction to validate parking. If uncertain call 01 244 9999

We are delighted to announce the expansion of Parking Tag to Arklow Town Council, Dún Laoghaire Harbour Company and Wicklow Town Council. Registered customers can now use the service in 7 locations.

  • Arklow Town Council
  • Dublin City Council
  • Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council
  • Dún Laoghaire Harbour Company
  • Fingal County Council
  • South Dublin County Council
  • Wicklow Town Council

Payment methods:

Mobile App - New and existing customer can download our App today on iOS and Android


SMS - To 53311 in the following format PARK ZONE TIME e.g. Park Yellow 60 = parking in the yellow zone for one hour or Park DA 1d = parking in zone DA for the day.

Phone - Call 01 2449999 and follow instructions to pay for Parking using our IVR service

Check local signage for zone codes. In Dublin City, parking zones are defined by colour. Outside of Dublin, parking zones are defined by letters.


The account option will particularly suit both frequent, corporate users and fleet managers.

The benefits of Parking Tag to customers:

  • A convenient, flexible, cash free system
  • Not having to worry about searching for cash or a machine
  • Text reminder service will let you know when the parking is going to expire
  • Enables customers to extend their parking without returning to the car
  • Itemised parking payment statements available online

The benefits of Parking Tag to companies:

  • Allows clear control of employee parking expenses
  • Represents a great staff benefit
  • Means staff do not have to worry about parking as it can be easily extended during their meeting
  • Accounts can be set up for a company with numerous employees that can all be reconciled on the one statement available online


  • Monthly Fee: €0.50 per vehicle
  • SMS reminder: €0.20 – motorists using the SMS service will automatically receive a reminder message. Phone and Mobile App users can select to receive as required.
  • Cancellation Fee: €5.00 + VAT

Please ensure that you ALWAYS receive a confirmation when paying for parking. If you do not receive this your parking may not be valid. Please call 01 244 9999 to confirm valid parking.